Evolution One | Reflections on the State of AI: 2018

Photo from Microsoft’s blog post “   Facial recognition: It’s time for action   ”

Photo from Microsoft’s blog post “Facial recognition: It’s time for action

Every day, multiple news items discussing various things “related to AI” pile up in our mailboxes, and there are dozens, if not hundreds, articles, opinions and overviews being published every week that have the term “AI” in their titles. However, not everything claimed as related to artificial intelligence is actually meaningful or relevant, and instead can often have nothing to do with the field altogether.

As part of our effort at Evolution One to create a comprehensive guide to the field of AI & machine learning, today we are kick-starting a series of articles that will cover the latest developments in the field.

In our first article, we share our take on the state of AI in 2018, taking a look at the most active players in this fruitful year, and also discussing the opportunities and challenges the industry is facing today. In particular, we’ll be covering:

  • Products & services released in 2018 by Google & Microsoft

  • State of investments in AI startups in 2018

  • A number of topics concerning AI ethics, regulation & education

  • AI applications, as exemplified by the computational photography field

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