Evolution One | AI: Arms Race 2.0

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On February 11, President Trump signed an executive order outlining the American AI initiative. Among other things, the order discussed the need for the U.S. to maintain its current leadership in AI.

The desire to dominate AI space is quite understandable — after all, the idea that AI would one day enable a whole new world of possibilities has been around for decades. Until recently, however, it was largely relegated to the realm of science fiction and the works of select few researchers & futurists. It all started changing in the early 2010s when the technology and, perhaps equally as important, the computational resources, finally caught up, and we got AI (or rather, machine learning) capable of solving real-world problems for the first time.

However, as it often happens with any kind of game-changing advancements, different countries have found themselves facing new opportunities and challenges offered by AI in vastly different circumstances. That's why we've decided to summarize our thoughts on the unfolding arms race between the West and China for leadership in Artificial Intelligence.

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